Digital Nomad Visa Spain 2023
Get a residence permit as a digital nomad or an entrepreneur. For you, your team and your family
Startup Residence Spain 2023
If you want to develop an innovative business, the Kingdom of Spain will gladly consider your project and provide a 3-year residence permit for key team members and their families.

- You have an idea and a plan for an innovative project

- You want to develop your product in Spain and other European countries

- You have a team that would like to move with you


  • Application online
  • Consideration: 1-3 months (during this time, you can legally stay in Spain even if your visa has expired).
  • A residence permit is issued for 3 years with the right to work, renewable.
  • Access to high-level Spanish health care system
  • No language requirement
  • You can visit all Schengen countries without obtaining a visa
  • You can open accounts in EU banks

Fees: 1500 euros per project + 450 euros per applicant

Discount 400 euros until 1 September 2023.

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Digital Nomad Spain
A new type of visa that has just been launched in Spain in 2023 - the Digital Nomad Visa - is for 3 years, which gives the right to legally reside and work remotely for a foreign company or yourself.

  • You can legally live and work in Spain
  • Stay as long as you want: residence permit for 3 years with the possibility of renewal.
  • You can travel with your spouse/partner and children, everyone gets a residence permit.
  • No need for a local employer or Spanish employment contract
  • Access to the high-level Spanish healthcare system
  • No language requirement
  • Can visit Schengen countries without obtaining a visa
  • Can open accounts in EU banks
  • Fast application processing time (20 days)

Visa requirements:

  • You are employed or self-employed
  • You earn 2540 euros or more per month
  • Open to citizens of all non-EU countries

Want to give your family a bright and prosperous future? Get a Spanish Digital Nomad visa and become a permanent resident in 5 years. Not just a residence permit but a new way of life for you and your family.
Contact us and start your path to a bright future today!

Fees 1200 euros per applicant (+550 euros per family member)
Discount €150 per person until 1 September 2023.

Consultation and booking at Whatsapp
What expenses to keep in mind when planning a move to Spain:
Schengen. The consular fee is €80 for adults and €40 for children under 12 (under 6 still free).

Flight tickets.

Apostille. You will need to put it on the certificate of a criminal record.

Translations. Part of the documents is translated by notarial translation, the cost of up to 30 euros/page, and part - by sworn translation. On average, the cost of sworn translation for one sheet of paper is €50. Thus, you should set aside €300 - €500 to translate all documents.

Health insurance in Spain. €50-70 per month.

Startup project application fee: €73 for each family member + €16 for a resident card.

Rent. Valencia - rental prices start at €800, Madrid/Barcelona - €1000-€1200. In less touristy regions, e.g. Galicia - €600.

Schooling. Public schools are free of charge, including for foreigners permanently residing in Spain. A year's education in a public-private school (concertado) costs €2000-€3000 per year. The cost of studying in a public school in Spain is from €7000 per year. Public university €2000-€3000 per year.
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    94% approval rate
    Our results are better than the Spain UGE official statistics - 78%
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    Personalised strategy
    For a successful visa application, we know how to introduce you better, and what to emphasise in your professional experience.
  • 3
    Attentive attitude
    Our personalised strategy and attentive approach helps us create a compelling application rather than a faceless stack of documents
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